Riding With Sugar: South African coming-of-age drama on Netflix

Netflix just dropped the trailer for the upcoming South African film Riding With Sugar. Written and directed by Sunu Gonera, the coming-of-age drama boasts a celebrated cast with Hakeem Kae-Kazim, Charles Mnene and Simona Brown in the lead.


As per the official description: “As painful memories spin in his head, a young refugee pedals toward a new future under a charitable mentor when fate challenges his BMX racing hopes.”

The film narrates the story of a young refugee, Joshua (Carles Mnene) who is suspended in a world between two people and two continents.

While dreaming of winning a BMX cycling championship as a means of finding a better life, Joshua comes across two people, finding himself at a crossroads.

He meets Mambo (Hakeem Kae-Kazim), an enigmatic educator and foreigner himself who offers shelter to young refugees from all over the African continent.

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However, Mambo’s agenda come to a standstill when Joshua comes across Olivia (Simona Brown), a talented young dancer from a well-to-do family, introducing him to a whole new world.

He needs to make a decision, one that will either re-write his wrongs or prove his fate right. Wrapped in powerful visual imagery & African aesthetics the trailer offers a blended narrative, switching back and forth constantly.

Riding With Sugar is a film charged with passion and dreams, promising a gripping tale. The film is slated to premiere on November 27.

Check out the trailer for Riding With Sugar:

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