Resident Evil live-action series cancelled by Netflix after one season

Netflix has cancelled ‘Resident Evil’, its action-horror live-action adaptation of the video game franchise, as per a report by Deadline.

Season 1 of the series received an underwhelming response in terms of viewership and had generally negative reviews, resulting in this decision.

It narrated a new storyline that revolved around Jade and Billie Wesker, who move to the New Raccoon City along with their father, Albert Wesker.

They soon realise that the city harbours dark secrets regarding the infamous T-Virus, which is an essential element of the video game instalments.

The Envoy Web’s reviewer rated it 2.5/5, stating that the show suffered from the expectations associated with the video game franchise and would have benefitted from shedding the label.

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While Netflix has found little success with live-action video game adaptations, animated offerings such as Data: Dragon’s Blood and Castlevania have been well-received.

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