OTT platform ‘Reeldrama’ for Assamese content launched

Hyderabad-based Reeldrama Production recently launched the app in Guwahati, dedicated to Assamese content and it will be available in 133 countries. The app is also available on Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Firestick, and Android TV.

Many famous stars and entertainment personalities became the highlight of the launch event in the state capital. The app and the logo were unveiled by popular faces of the industry including actors and filmmakers. Sumit Dasgupta, Director of the company, sharing about the platform said:

“Reeldrama brings home to you the culture of Assam in all its glory with stories, shows, music and conversations about the art, history, literature, folklore and cinema of the land.”

The entry of digital media platform will benefit viewers in remotest areas which was otherwise not possible as Assam has less than 100 movie halls. This will improve viewership from the Assamese diaspora.

The platform has a wide array of content that includes web series, short films, contemporary and old movies. Viewers will have a good mix of options in different genres and themes with music, comedy, poetry, cookery, and devotion. For young audience, it also presents a dedicated kid’s zone containing animated films and tales.

Platform’s Director Kuheli Dasgupta expressed her thoughts on different verticals of Reeldrama and said:

“The Assamese viewers are looking to enjoy good cinema that is otherwise restricted with the limited number of theatres in the state. Reeldrama brings viewers the choicest local movies that can be viewed from the comfort of their homes.

For those in the movie industry, Reeldrama serves as an alternate medium to distribute Assamese cinema. From filmmakers, producers to story tellers and aspirants seeking opportunities, Reeldrama is the ideal new platform to connect with global audiences seeking high quality Assamese content.

One of Reeldrama’s objectives is to unearth the rich talent that Assam abounds in but which unfortunately lacks the means to showcase itself. Reeldrama supports such talent by being the ideal platform that also provides financial support to create content that reaches global audiences.”

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