Red Notice on Netflix: Release date, cast and teaser

Netflix has released the trailer for its big budget action thriller, ‘Red Notice’. The movie will premiere on Netflix on November 12.

‘Red Notice’ tells the story of FBI Agent John Hartley played by Dwayne Johnson, who is tasked with catching Nolan Booth (Ryan Reynolds) and Sarah Black (Gal Gadot), who have both been tagged by an Interpol Red Notice, making them the most wanted criminals.

While Agent Hartley manages to catch Booth, the real trouble begins when he has to team up with him to apprehend Black.

The star studded cast and the exotic locations make this film one of the most expensive projects on Netflix. The movie has been produced by Dwayne Johnson along with Danny and Hiram Garcia and Beau Flynn.

‘Red Notice’ has been written and directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber. Thurber and Dwayne have previously worked together on movies like Central Intelligence and Skyscraper.

Catch the teaser:

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