Reclaim: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Reclaim (2022) is a Taiwanese family drama film that focuses on Yeh Lan-hsin, a woman, mother, and wife who is about to retire but gets awestruck by an unaffordable property.

Release date

Reclaim will be released on Netflix on August 6.


  • Hee Ching Paw
  • Hsi-Shun Kou
  • Chia-An Yu
  • Yi-Ching Lu
  • Chia-Yen Ko
  • Mason Lee


“Shouldering all of her family’s responsibilities, a mother scrambles to find a bigger apartment for her suddenly crowded household.”

Other details

Reclaim will get a limited theatre release in Taiwan.


Yeh Lan-hsin, a woman who is about to retire is always running around, trying to complete and solve everything that lands on her shoulders from those both inside and outside the family. She dreams of buying a new home to accommodate her family and secure her personal space. 

One day, a high-priced new home catches Lan-hsin’s eye. She unknowingly loses her sense of reason and tries her best to move forward. But she seems to be gradually losing the ability to distinguish between reality and her dreams, due to the pressures of that reality.

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