Reality Z: Netflix’s brand new Brazilian zombie series

Netflix seems to be riding a zombie wave these days. After their recent Indian release Betaal, the platform has revealed the trailer for another gory web series for Brazil titled, Reality Z. It is based on a British horror miniseries, Dead Set, created by Charlie Brooker, who is also the creator and co-showrunner of the sci-fi drama anthology series Black Mirror.

The web series mixes an apocalyptic situation with reality TV as contestants of a Greek-themed show titled “Olympus” are locked within their studio in Rio de Janeiro. While flesh-eating monsters start wreaking havoc outside, the survivors have to deal with human malice as they all struggle to survive within “safe” walls.

According to an official press release:

In addition to satire on reality shows, the series delves into what is the most profound aspect in the zombie genre: the human drama.

Reality Z has been adapted and developed by Brazilian director, screenwriter and executive producer Cláudio Torres.

It features a huge cast including Anna Hartmann​, Luellem de Castro, Guilherme Weber, Emílio de Mello, Ravel Andrade​, João Pedro Zappa, Julia Ianina, Pierri Baitelli, Jesus Luz, special guest Sabrina Sato, special guest Carla Ribas, Gabriel Canela, Natália Rosa, Leandro Daniel, Hanna Romanazzi, Arlinda Di Baio, and Wallie Ruy.

Reality Z will have 10-episodes and will premiere on Netflix on June 10.

Check out the trailer below:

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