Rahasya Romancha 3: Hoichoi returns with manic energy

Hoichoi is back with another installment of its original series, Rahasya Romancha. The Bengali entertainment platform shared the trailer for the third season of the upcoming series titled, Rahasya Romancha Series 3, slated to premiere on November 27.

Starring Saurav Das, Saayoni Ghosh, Kanchan Mallick, and Saoli Chattopadhyay, the crime-thriller is helmed by Abhirup Ghosh. Unlike the first two seasons that saw Rudranil Ghosh in the lead, the third season features Das as the prime investigator.

As per the official description:

“Meet a private investigator, with a unique disorder solve a personal loss. Dive into a full new season of thrill, suspense, action, and drama. We don’t promise you fair, we promise you interesting.”

The trailer follows the eccentric PI named Mora (Saurav Das), who is introduced as “Mora, or the Dead”. When a client comes up with a case-alleged abduction of her friend, the deranged investigator must step into the mad world of conspiracies with nowhere to run or hide.

Saurav Das is a celebrated Bengali actor, comedian and theater director. Apart from the upcoming web series the actor is presently also awaiting a theatrical release of his upcoming film Pratidwandi, slated to release on Christmas.

Check out the trailer for Rahasya Romancha Series 3 below:

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