Queer Eye Germany: Release date, cast and trailer

‘Queer Eye Germany’ is an upcoming Netflix reality series in which five experts help improve the lives of people by changing seemingly small things in life.

Release date

‘Queer Eye Germany’ season 1 is set to stream from March 1 on Netflix.


  • Ayan Yuruk
  • Aljosha Muttardi
  • Leni Bolt
  • David Jakobs
  • Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke


“Five experts in lifestyle, fashion, beauty, health and design- known as the fab five- dazzle a nation and transform lives in this makeover series.”

Other details

The Fab Five in the series include Leni Bolt as the life coach, Jan-Henrik Scheper-Stuke as the fashionista, David Jakobs as the beauty guru, Aljosha Muttardi as the health expert and Ayan Yuruk as the designer.


The German instalment of ‘The Queer Eye’ features a new combination of the Fab Five experts, who are all set to transform lives of people through makeovers. For the experts, it’s not just a makeover show; the makeovers help people see the lives around them through a fresh pair of lenses.

The Fab Five visit one person at a time and help them improve transform their fashion, look, health, design and life. These small changes add up to make a bigger difference and bring rainbows to their lives.

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