Queen (2022): Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Queen is a drama series on Netflix that focuses on an elderly man, a Parisian tailor, and a drag queen, who returns to his homeland, Poland, and amends his relationship with his daughter.

Release date

Queen will be released on Netflix on June 23.

Cast and creators

  • Andrzej Seweryn
  • Maria Peszek
  • Julia Chetnicka

Directed By Lukasz Kosmicki

Written By Kacper Wysocki, Árni Ólafur, and Ásgeirsson


“After a decades-long absence, a renowned Parisian tailor and drag queen returns to his hometown in Poland to make amends with his daughter.”

Other details

The total number of episodes has not been confirmed yet; however, we know that it is a miniseries and would only have one season.


A Parisian tailor gets a letter from his granddaughter that says that his daughter is unwell. After being absent for decades, when he visits his homeland back, he meets his granddaughter Iza who announces that her mother needs a kidney.

He donates one kidney to his daughter, but it is not enough for his daughter to get back on talking terms with her father. While he tries to amend his relationships, Iza tells him about helping the needy by putting up a show.

Then he reveals that he has experienced 30 years in the theatre and has been a drag queen in France named Loretta. Soon, his relationships start to fall into place as Iza, Wioletta, and Loretta begin the journey to social change.

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