Puppy Place Season 2: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

‘Puppy Place’ is an Apple TV+ series that revolves around two siblings, who rescue dogs and try to find good homes for the puppies.

Release date

Puppy Place Season 2 is going to premiere on December 9, on Apple TV+.

Cast and creators

  • Riley Looc as Charles.
  • Brooklynn MacKinzie as Lizzie Peterson.
  • Eric Lynch as Paul.
  • Dominique Toney as Betsy

Official synopsis

“Season two continues to tell the story of a puppy who finds their way to the Peterson family. Charles (Riley Looc) and Lizzie (Brooklynn MacKinzie), whose different approaches complement, inspire and occasionally confound one another, do whatever it takes to find a happy, loving home for each and every dog.

Discovering what makes each puppy special offers a unique perspective that helps the pair overcome their own individual hurdles.”

Other details

Emmy Award nominee Andrew Green, who also serves as showrunner, is an executive producer for “Puppy Place.”


The trailer of “Puppy Place” begins with the Peterson siblings. The duo finds abandoned puppies in a box and takes them home. The basic storyline of the brand-new season is conveyed within the trailer.

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