Psychological thriller ‘Run’ to premiere on Netflix India

Psychological Thriller ‘Run’ which is already available on Netflix US will soon be available to the audience in the UK and India from April 2. It dwells on a mother-daughter relationship.

The movie features Sarah Paulson (Ocean’s 8) who plays the role of an overprotective mother.

‘Run’ has been directed by Aneesh Chaganty and also stars Kiera Allen, who plays the role of a specially-abled teenage daughter (Chloe).

The movie has been co-written by Chaganty along with Sev Ohanian, the duo who had previously collaborated for the movie ‘Searching’. It also features Sara Sohn, Erik Athavale, Pat Healy, Sharon Bajer, and BJ Harrison.

The trailer shows Paulson taking care of Allen and her needs without fail. Allen feels that she’s a burden on her mother as she home-schools her, cooks for her and whatnot. Things turn dark when Allen discovers a shady truth about her mother. The search for truth takes them on a ‘Run’.

Catch the trailer:

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