‘Pretty Little Liars’ to get an Asian makeover

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars will be reprised for an Asian television adaptation, set in Bali, Indonesia. The pan-regional streaming platform, Viu, has teamed up with Warner Bros to reproduce the hit teenage drama series in the Bahasa language, localised for an Indonesian/Malaysian audience.

'Pretty Little Liars' to get an Asian makeover 1
Source: Vogue, Australia

The storyline will replicate that of the U.S. show which ran for a total of seven years and lasted seven seasons. It will follow a group of four estranged friends, who distanced themselves from each other when the fifth member and leader of their group suddenly disappeared, under suspicious circumstances.

The clique reunites when they begin receiving messages from the mysterious ‘A’, threatening to expose the secrets that they wish to keep buried.

'Pretty Little Liars' to get an Asian makeover 2
Source: Viu, Indonesia.

The series, directed by Emil Heradi, will cast Anya Geraldine as Hanna, Shindy Huang as Aria, Valerie Thomas as Sabrina, Yuki Kato as Alissa and Eyka Farhana as Ema.

It is scheduled to release on the Hong-Kong-based streaming service Viu, owned by the PCCW Media Group, later this year. Viu operates in 17 markets and boasts over 36 million active monthly users.

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