Poker Face: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

Poker Face is an upcoming American television series which is billed as a “case-of-the-week” mystery comedy-drama.

Release date

Peacock TV will air Poker Face’s first four episodes on 26 January 2023.

Cast and creators

  • Natasha Lyonne
  • Megan Suri
  • Colton Ryan
  • Brandon Micheal Hall 
  • Scott Vogal
  • Elijah George

Written and Directed by Rian Johnson


“Charlie (Natasha Lyonne) has an extraordinary ability to determine when someone is lying. She hits the road with her Plymouth Barracuda and with every stop encounters a new cast of characters and strange crimes she can’t help but solve.”

Other details

The director of Knives Out and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Rian Johnson makes his debut as a TV producer with the much-awaited Peacock TV series.


Charlie Cale says, “There’s been a murder, and I’m trying to figure out what happened,”. Charlie portrays a kind, naturally curious lady with an extraordinary knack for spotting deception. There is a fleeting glimpse of violent, perilous scenarios Charlie encounters as she travels throughout the country solving one mystery after another.

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