Phone-A-Friend: ZEE5’s sci-fi romantic comedy

ZEE5 recently released the trailer for their upcoming web series titled Phone-A-Friend.

Featuring Akhlaque Khan, Mantra and Swati Kapoor in pivotal roles, the original series is about the friendship and romance between a girl, a guy and a smartphone.

Phone-A-Friend will revolve around a college professor, Varun (Khan) whose life takes an interesting turn when he finds out that his phone can actually talk to him! The cellphone turns into a relationship guru for Varun by helping him get the girl of his dreams, Jiya (Kapoor).

The concept of the sci-fi series is quite unique and the trailer has piqued interest in fans.

Khan talked about his project in an interview and said:

I don’t remember something like this on the Indian space and given how the series has been written smartly, incorporating the Indian emotion to it, I feel this can be something different… Generally, on the web, things happen to be on the darker front, be it a thriller, or otherwise, and while that genre is likeable, but if we are bringing something different, then it is always a plus.

The web series is directed by Allyson Patel and Yash Dave, produced by Ashish and Surabhi Mittal, Utopia Films and co-produced by Anish N Surana. 

The trailer begs the questions: Will Varun have a happy ending? Or will his talking cellphone become the bane of his life?

Phone-A-Friend will premiere on 7 April, 2020.

Check out the official trailer here:

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