Peacock’s ‘Dr. Death’ stars Joshua Jackson as killer surgeon

Peacock streaming service released the trailer of its upcoming crime drama miniseries, ‘Dr. Death’. The show is based on a Wondery podcast, reported and hosted by Laura Beil.

Dr. Death is inspired by bone-chilling true events. The plot centres around a neurosurgeon turned sociopath who does the opposite of the job he is supposed to do, leaving his patients dead or maimed. 

The trailer gives us insights into what the series will offer. It begins with Dr. Christopher Duntsch instructing his junior doctors to keep their “mouths shut and ears open”. As his surgeries continue to go wrong with patients either turning dead, quadriplegic, or injured, two surgeons suspect his ill-doings and attempts to stop him by suspending his license.

The series features Joshua Jackson, Alec Baldwin, Christian Slater, and Anna Sophia Robb, among others. Handling the direction is an all-female team including Jennifer Morrison, So Yong Kim, and Maggie Kiley.

Dr. Death is set to be available for streaming this summer, with no official release date yet.

Catch the official trailer:

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