Official Bhootiyagiri: An Arré original horror comedy on MX Player

After Official Chukyagiri and Official CEOgiri, Arré has released the trailer for the third instalment of its original series titled, Official Bhootiyagiri which is an MX Player exclusive.

With Sumeet Vyas returning as the intelligent CEO, Dilawar Rana, Official Bhootiyagiri is about him trying to manage his family hotel where he grew up. The building is supposedly haunted and the reason for his severe social anxiety disorder.

Rana was arrested at the end of Official CEOgiri (season 2) but is bailed out in the new season to put his business skills to use and replenish the declining profits of his family property.

The trailer shows Rana move into the hotel with a few friends, and use the haunted reputation of the place to give the guests a supernatural experience. He has people to dress up as ghosts and introduces environmental horror elements to scare the visitors.

However, the footage hints at a sudden turn of events where actual ghosts start wreaking havoc and things start getting out of hand. Rana is seemingly overwhelmed and decides he cannot face his fears.

The web series also stars Pranay Manchanda, Eisha Chopra, Sujata Sehgal, Mohan Kapur, Udita Bhalla, Ajay Kumar Singh, and Naveen Prabhakar.

Official Bhootiyagiri is another addition to the shows MX Player has been putting out during quarantine. These include Mannphodganj Ki Binny, Ek Thi Begum, Girlfriend Chor, Mastram and Tandoori Idly.

Official Bhootiyagiri has been directed by Vishwajoy Mukherjee and will release on May 14 on MX Player.

Check out the trailer:

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