Night Stalker on Netflix: New true crime docuseries

Netflix has released the new official trailer of Night Stalker: The Hunt For A Serial Killer. It is a four-episode docuseries that will showcase the search of serial killer Richard Ramirez in Los Angeles during the summer of 1985. The docuseries is scheduled to release on January 13th.

It documents true crime spree of Richard Ramirez, nicknamed “Night Stalker”. He commits a series of murders and sexual assaults in and around Los Angeles. Starting around 1984 reaching till the summer of 1985, the crime wave spreads all over the state of California.

Like other serial killers who leave a calling card at the murder scene, the self-proclaimed Satan worshipper always left a pentagram design where the murder took place. The sign depicts his love for Satan. He draws the symbol using victim’s lipstick on walls, mirrors and even on one of his victim Barbara Pan.

Night Stalker moves through first-person interviews of victims, recorded footages and original photography. The true-crime story is set in a horrific atmosphere. It shows the panic-stricken life of people who fears they could be his next prey. It has been directed by Tiller Russell, who helmed the series ‘The Last Narc’, and produced by Tim Walsh.

Check out the thrilling official trailer:

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