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New image from upcoming Loki series teases another time travel story

A new image of Marvel Boss Kevin Feige has been released from an investor’s press conference talking about a still from the upcoming Loki series for Disney+.

Since the release of Avengers Endgame, it is no secret that the infamous trickster God took hold of the Tesseract and escaped. This resulted in the creation of an alternate timeline for him.

He may be still dead in the main MCU continuity, but this new still from the upcoming series for Disney’s streaming platform teases the setting. It seems that Loki is on earth in an alternate timeline somewhere around the 70s owing to a billboard of Jaws behind him.

Image Source: Disney

This can also be considered a nod to earlier rumours that Loki will be appearing “throughout human history as an unlikely influencer on historical events”. Viewers can expect new mischiefs with the possible involvement of time travel.

Multiple Twitter users expressed their delight at the possible direction the show is going to take:

Michael Waldron, who wrote Rick & Morty, has penned the pilot for the series and will also be the executive producer and show-runner. There is no release date set but Loki will be streaming on Disney+ which is due to launch in November.