Netflix takes a trip down memory lane with Narcos rom-com parody trailer

It seems some things never get old as Netflix is promoting its ever-popular series Narcos through a fake rom-com trailer on YouTube.

Released in 2015, Narcos follows the growth of drug cartels across Columbia as they battle law enforcement and each other to come out on top. The series is immensely popular with two more seasons and a spin-off series titled ‘Narcos Mexico’ being released.

The streaming giant has taken a different angle with introducing season 1’s protagonist Pablo Escobar as a regular 9 to 5 guy who falls in love with a girl named Tata. Reality rarely differs here as the case is the same except it’s far less romantic.

However, it is refreshing to see Wagner Moura’s face again, who played the infamous drug lord in season 1.

Narcos with all its seasons and the spin-off named ‘Narcos Mexico’ are available to stream on Netflix.

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Check out the parody trailer below: