Netflix’s ‘Clickbait’ uncovers crime with online twist

Netflix recently dropped the official teaser for ‘Clickbait’, an upcoming American-Australian drama miniseries, due to release by the streamer on August 25. The mystery thriller follows an intriguing tale of how a seemingly ideal family man turns out to be an online abuser, highlighting the disconnect between virtual identity and real-life personas fuelled by social media.

‘Clickbait’ narrates the story of Nick Brewer, played by Adrian Grenier, who is a loving father, husband, and brother. However, there is a side to him unbeknownst to the world. Will that come to fore with his sudden mysterious disappearance, is to be seen.

The teaser of the high-stakes thriller features Nick who is initially projected as a person dedicated to his loved ones. Suddenly, there is a clip a sensational video of a badly bruised protagonist on internet holding a placard that reads: “I abuse women. At 5 million views I die.”

It is not clear if it is a confession or he is being held captive and made to do it, since the official description hints at his abduction. Also, why it refers to the growing viewer numbers is not clear.

The engaging teaser of the limited eight-episode series, told through the revolving points-of-view of those involved in the protagonist’s life, definitely hints at the consequences of the unrestrained influence of social media in people’s lives. It showcases an irresistible urge to live a double life that oversteps the limits of real and creates false virtual ideal.

Other actors who play a pivotal role in unveiling the drama include, Zoe Kazan (Nick’s sister Pia Brewer), Betty Gabriel (Nick’s wife Sophie Brewer), and Phoenix Raei (detective at Oakland Police Department, Roshan Amir).

The rest of the ‘Clickbait’ cast includes Elizabeth Alexander, Abraham Lim, Jessie Collins, Ian Meadows, Steve Mouzakis, Daniel Henshall, and Motell Foster among others.

‘Clickbait’ is co-created and co-produced by Tony Ayres and Christian White with Brad Anderson, Emma Freeman, Ben Young, and Laura Besley as its directors. Ayres also serves as its showrunner.

Check out the official teaser:

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