Netflix’s Castlevania renewed for season 4

Netflix has announced that its original anime Castlevania has been renewed for a fourth season, nearly three weeks after the release of season three.

The announcement was made with a short clip of forgemaster Isaac using his magic mirror.

The first two seasons revolved around Dracula’s revenge against mankind for burning his wife after mistaking her to be a witch. Trevor Belmont, Sypha Belnades unite with Dracula’s vampire-human hybrid son Alucard to kill the leader of vampires.

Season 3, on the other hand, was more Game of Thrones-esque, focusing on the politics and strategies of different characters while also dishing out the action at times.

Considering Trevor and Sypha did not meet Alucard at all during season three, fans will be hoping the trio reunites in the next instalment of Castlevania.

No other major details have been announced for the upcoming season. But keeping in mind the previous season was announced a year before its release, the viewers could have to wait a while.

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