Another Dark Future: Netflix’s Black Mirror season 5 trailer releases

Three new characters, three new stories, three new lessons. The trailer for Netflix’s Black Mirror season 5 has been released.

Popular for its dark overtone and not so subtle messaging, the thrilling series took the world by storm and became insanely popular for its mind-gripping stories, phenomenal actors and a universe which shows the soon to be stark reality of the real world.

From what the clip shows, we can piece together heartbreaking journeys of a lonely man who is fed up of the system, a popular depressed singer and a teenage girl seeking validation from a robot. The story seems to be set in yet another futuristic world riddled by technology and addiction.

The latest instalment this year is focused on a popular star cast rather than their conventional ones. The actors/actresses for this season includes British theatre actor Andrew Scott, singer-songwriter Miley Cyrus and Marvel star Anthony Mackie.

Black Mirror season 5 is set to premiere on 5th June. Watch the trailer below:

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