Netflix releases trailer for political thriller The Last Thing He Wanted

Netflix has released a trailer for its upcoming political thriller movie ‘The Last Thing He Wanted’.

The British-American film is based on a book of the same name by author Joan Didion.

Elena McMahon, a veteran journalist and a single mother, has been conducting investigations in South America for many years. However, she is frustrated with the constant censorship of her stories.

Things seem to be getting better when she receives information about some unsavoury deals happening in the region from her own ailing father.

The movie takes an interesting turn when she finds out her own father (Willem Dafoe) is in the mix. The journalist must now battle in a game where she has become a pawn all while crossing paths with a U.S state official with whom she has shared history.

The cast of the Last Thing He Wanted is a notorious one. Anne Hathaway is playing the role of Elena while Willem Dafoe is playing her ill father. Ben Affleck will star as Treat Morrison, the U.S official who is romantically involved with Elena.

The movie has been directed by MudBound creator Dee Rees. Dee has also worked on the screenplay along with Marco Villalobos.

The Last Thing He Wanted is set to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival next week and will be available on Netflix come February 21. Check out the trailer:

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