Docuseries on tennis star ‘Naomi Osaka’ coming to Netflix

Netflix has released the official trailer for its upcoming docuseries based on the world-renowned tennis player, ‘Naomi Osaka’. All three episodes are set to premiere on the streamer on July 16.

Naomi Osaka is a female Japanese professional tennis player. She is the first Asian player to achieve the No. 1 position in singles, according to the Women’s Tennis Association (WTA). She has won four Grand Slam singles titles and is the current US Open and Australian Open winner.

The three-part series offers a bluntly honest look into Osaka’s life, recounted by her. It not only chronicles the tennis star’s ascent to popularity but also her difficulties with being in the public glare all of the time while advocating for social justice and coping with the never-ending pressures of being on top.

Naomi Osaka has been the focus of several headlines in the three years since her epic 2018 U.S. Open victory against her childhood hero Serena Williams. The tennis superstar, who is soft-spoken and camera-shy yet uncompromising in her opinions, recently made headlines for refusing to appear for press interviews during this year’s French Open.

The action earned Osaka a substantial fine and enraged some fans and players, but it was mostly supported by tennis observers, who commended her for putting her mental health first. She is now allowing the public access on her own terms.

The premiere of Naomi Osaka, directed by Garett Bradley, couldn’t come at a more painful time after the star withdrew from the French Open over her media availability and the turmoil that followed.

The series will also follow Osaka through her tennis history as well as her quest to investigate her Haitian ancestry and her ties to Japan, the country that she represents on the global stage.

Watch the official trailer for Naomi Osaka:

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