‘The Watcher’ retains top spot among Netflix’s top 10 English TV shows (Oct 17 – 23)

In its second week of release, ‘The Watcher‘ retained its #1 spot in Netflix’s list of top 10 English TV shows for October 17-23. It accumulated 148.24 million watch hours which was higher than last week’s 125.01 million.

DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story‘ came in at second position with 69.11 million hours followed by the newly released, ‘From Scratch’, in third with 32.23 million hours.

The top 5 was closed off by ‘Love Is Blind: Season 3‘ (24.89 million) and ‘The Midnight Club‘ (21.65 million).

Lastly, ‘Unsolved Mysteries: Volume 3‘ (18.93 million), ‘The Sinner: Season 4: Percy’ (13.24 million), ‘28 Days Haunted‘ (12.98 million), ‘Dynasty: Season 5’ (12.61 million), and ‘Wild Croc Territory’ (11.55 million) closed of the list.

'The Watcher' retains top spot among Netflix's top 10 English TV shows (Oct 17 – 23) 1
Image Source: Netflix

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