Netflix teams up with six Japanese creators for more anime originals

Netflix has announced that it is teaming up with six Japanese creators across the country in order to make more original anime movies and shows.

The move comes after Netflix partnered up with five Japanese anime productions in 2019 to create more content. The streaming giant’s commitment to the anime world grows stronger as more viewers are attracted to these originals.

The six creators part of the collaboration are revered for their previous works and include CLAMP, Shin Kibayashi, Yasuo Ohtagaki, Otsuichi, Tow Ubukata, and Mari Yamazaki.

All the people on the list have worked as a mixture of directors, screenwriters, novelists, and filmmakers.

Taiki Sakurai, Chief Producer, anime at Netflix stated:

“We’re excited to work with these extraordinary creators to bring best in class anime to Netflix. These partnerships are part of our broader investment strategy to support Japanese anime – giving creators the ability to tell bold, innovative stories and giving them access to fans all around the world because storytelling is boundless in the world of anime”.

More details about the new Japanese originals will be announced at a later date. Keep watching this space!

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