Netflix’s ‘Mortel’ Season 2 springs pleasant surprise

Netflix has dropped the trailer for season 2 of its French sci-fi series ‘Mortel’, which is going to stream on the platform from July 2. The second instalment announcement comes as a surprise since the streamer had earlier cancelled it for lack of popularity.

For the uninitiated, the plot of ‘Mortel’ revolves around a teenager, Sofiane (Carl Malapa), whose brother, Reda (Sami Outabali) suddenly disappears.

He, along with another teenager, Victor (Nemo Schiffman), sets off to find his lost sibling and the search takes them to a red-eyed supernatural being called Obe (Corentin Fila), who bestows the duo with superpowers, but not before striking a crooked deal.

Luisa (Manon Bresch), a voodoo practitioner, eventually joins them in their efforts to defeat and banish Obe in season one.

The six-episode series ends with a cliff-hanger where Reda makes a surprising return; and the viewers are left wondering about his whereabouts till then and the fate of the trio. Going by the ‘Mortel’ season 2 trailer, the backdrop seems as sinister and plot as dreadful as the earlier season.

The trailer shows mystery, horror, and romance playing in equal amounts in the lives of the three teenagers. Reda is back, but his return has made things worse instead of making them better. While the three deal with an ominous dark force, their friendship will emerge as their greatest power.

‘Mortel’ was produced by Gilles de Verdiere and Regis Vallon and directed by Simon Astier and Edouard Salier. It is not clear yet, whether the directors are returning to direct season 2 or not.

Watch the ‘Mortel’ season 2 trailer:

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