Netflix’s Say I Do gives real couples their dream wedding

Netflix has released the trailer for their upcoming reality show Say I Do – a reality original that will give eight real-life couples their dream wedding.

Say I Do is created by the makers of Queer Eye and features a similar set up.

The web series consists of Jeremiah Brent, Thai Nguyen and Gabriele Bertaccini helping real-life couples before their weddings with things like their wedding outfits, food, looks and more.

The official description of the show says the following:

Say I Do features deserving couples who have always intended to marry, but for one reason or another, were never able to make their big day a reality. Interior Designer Jeremiah Brent, Fashion Designer Thai Nguyen and Chef Gabriele Bertaccini will make the couples dream weddings come to life. Say I Do dives into the love stories of these couples and finds out what matters most to them when they tie the knot. The three experts will help the Groom with a plan to surprise their “spouse to be” with a personalized proposal, followed by their dream wedding… this weekend! 

Netflix has been gaining several nominations for its reality series such as Queer Eye and Next in Fashion. The streaming giant also announced an upcoming Marie Kondo series.

You can catch the trailer Say I Do right here:

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