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Netflix returns with fantasy series ‘Ragnarok’ season 2

Netflix has released the teaser of the upcoming Norwegian fantasy sequel ‘Ragnarok’ season 2, which is set to premiere on the platform from May 27. It will consist of six episodes.

Led by David Stakson as Magne, aka Thor, the sequel plans to pick up from the point where the previous season ended. This means that fans will get to find out whether Vidar survived and how things may take a turn, accordingly for the Jutuls (Magne’s family), their company, and the city of Edda. 

This season aims to show how Magne tries to accept who he really is and his capabilities. Certain plot twists are also expected to come along this season, especially with other characters finding a possibility of possessing supernatural powers or of being various reincarnations of Norse creatures. Laurits, Magne’s younger brother, is speculated to be one among them.

As the show advances to another season which Netflix describes as clashes becoming more onerous, evil becoming more focused, and choices becoming direr, Magne has to find allies and answers, but will he be able to find them in time?

Check out the teaser for Ragnarok season 2:

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