Netflix’s ‘Lava Ka Dhaava’ to feature Jaaved Jaaferi as commentator

Netflix has released the trailer for ‘Lava Ka Dhaava’ — a Hindi dubbed version of its competition game show, ‘Floor Is Lava’. The gameplay will be commentated over by Indian film actor, dancer, and comedian, Jaaved Jaaferi, in a style similar to Takeshi’s Castle.

‘Lava Ka Dhaava’ is a silly but an exciting reality family watch where strategy, strength, and teamwork help teams overcome obstacle courses set in rooms inundated with lava-like liquid to win $10,000. The first season of the show will premiere on Netflix on 5 May.

Jaaferi brings his unique style of slapstick humour to the dubbed version of the show to cater to the taste of Indian audiences, adding to the tonal, emotive, and technical richness of the original.

The teams are required to jump from couches, hang from towers and curtains, swing from chandeliers and cargo nets putting their best foot forward, that is, until the foot is in lava.

It is truly exhilarating to watch competitors take a leap of faith over lava-swept bedrooms, kitchens and basements, from start to finish, in a scenario where only one team can emerge as a victor.

The competition is fierce and one false move can lead a team to an unpleasant exit.

Watch the trailer for ‘Lava Ka Dhaava’:

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