Netflix India to stream adventure-fantasy anime ‘Black Clover’

Netflix India will begin streaming adventure-fantasy anime ‘Black Clover’ from June 30.

Season one will be made available to the subscribers upon launch, which consists of 51 episodes.

The official synopsis by the platform reads:

Two orphans raised as brothers become rivals as they vie for the title of Wizard King, the highest magical rank in the land.

Animated by Studio Pierrot, Black Clover first began airing in October 2017 and had completed 132 episodes before the production was halted due to COVID-19.

Netflix has been boosting its anime titles in an attempt to compete with old as well as new streaming platforms such as Disney+, which incidentally pulled a chunk of its animated content from Netflix.

New anime announcements include streaming the phenomenon One Piece, classic fan-favourite Yu Yu Hakusho and the new season of Baki.

New releases, like the series Japan sinks: 2020 and film A Whisker Away, have also been announced.

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