Netflix India reimagines years as people

Netflix India has reimagined the years gone by as well as 2020 and 2021 in its latest video ‘What If Years Were People’

The video features 2020 heartthrob Rohit Saraf, Instagram sensation Vishnu Kaushal, YouTube fame duo Vineeth Beep Kumar and Naseer Al Azzeh (The Jordindian).  

The drama begins when the characters find 2021, himself, a little intimidated by the expectations of the people with the coming new year and his fear of carrying forward the pandemic.

2021’s entry in the 20-20s zone is an accumulation of all the trends which came and are now long gone, but 20-20 still stand ‘unbreakable’ and a little bearable with their humble companion Netflix (played by Vishnu Kaushal). In defence of 20-20, their ‘epic-biopic’ shows how they fulfilled long due wishes of the people in their own twisted way. Their way, however, became a medium of their sadistic pleasure. 

Interestingly, the personified version of the year 2020 also is a representation of dual-consciousness. In the entire ‘Never Have I Ever’ game sequence we see both the players in a constant stew- just like humans. While one partner readily agrees to their contributions in making this year atrocious, the other readily defend their actions. The following chaos scene in a way represents the generational clashes which, undoubtedly, was an integral part of 2020 with everyone locked together and no escape (but Netflix).

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The video comes out as both, goodbye to 2020 and welcoming the new year with new normal.

Here’s the full clip:

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