Make dozing off worthwhile with Netflix’s ‘Headspace Guide To Sleep’

Netflix has released the trailer for its upcoming series, in collaboration with Headspace, titled, ‘Headspace Guide To Sleep’. This is the second pairing between the two companies after ‘Headspace Guide to Meditation’ which started streaming in January of 2021.

The series, via its seven 15-minute episodes, aims to break misconceptions, offer helpful tips, and conclude with a guided wind-down to provide a better end to people’s day.

Backed by science, the series will target frequently asked questions like — is looking at your phone in bed really have a negative effect on sleepiness? Do we really need 8 full hours of bedtime? And can pills be beneficial?

The show is set to release on April 28 and promises to help viewers achieve the best sleep of their lives.

Check out the trailer:

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