Netflix’s ‘Generation 56K’ explores love and friendship over the years

Netflix has released the trailer for the Italian series Generation 56K. This eight-episode romantic comedy will debut on Netflix on 1 July.

Generation 56K traces the story of four teenagers in the 1990s on the small island of Procida, overwhelmed by the arrival of the internet in their hometown. When they turn 30-something, life and the internet offer two estranged friends, Danial and Matilda, a chance to reconnect. 

The trailer has been cut in a non-linear fashion, shows both the timelines, of adolescence and adulthood. It introduces us to the four teenagers, Daniel, Matilda, Luca, and Sandro, exploring the newfound world of the internet and the amusement it offers.

When they turn adults, the technology around them has transformed so much that now one can connect with a single click. At the core of the series is the relationship between Daniel and Matilda, childhood friends who cross paths again 20 years later. Will their friendship transform into something else this time?

Generation 56K has been directed by two filmmakers, Francesco Ebbasta, who directed four episodes, and Alessio Maria Federici who directed the other four.

According to the synopsis by Netflix: “All episodes in the series intertwine two timelines, two points of view, two phases of the same story of love and friendship that started in 1998 and continues to the present day.”

Here’s the official trailer:

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