Netflix’s ‘Ferry’ narrates story of drug lord from ‘Undercover’

Netflix has released the teaser for an upcoming Dutch crime-drama movie titled ‘Ferry’. Frank Lammers and Elise Schaap will be seen in the lead roles.

The teaser shows Ferry Bouman (Lammers) narrating his side of the story before he became the drug lord. The movie is a prequel to the Belgian-Dutch series ‘Undercover’. Lammers and Schaap will be portraying their characters as Ferry and Danielle.

‘Undercover’ is a crime web series based on true life events where two undercover agents pose as a couple to infiltrate a drug lord’s mission. It began streaming on Netflix in May 2019 and renewed with a season two in November 2020.

The story of the movie captures the scenes from the drug lord’s childhood to his criminal adventures. His life was phenomenal and full of thrill until he goes to Brabant on a mission. There, he reunites with his family and meets a lovely neighbour named Danielle (Schaap). Will all this distract Ferry and bring his loyalty to test?

The crime-drama movie is a project of the Flemish production company De Mensen and is directed by Cecilia Verheyden. Lammers and Schaap took to their social media handles to express their excitement on the launch of the movie’s first visuals. They showed their enthusiasm for the audience to know the story of Ferry and Danielle.

The release date of this Netflix feature film is yet to get unveiled.

Check out the official teaser here:

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