The Ripper: Netflix documents Yorkshire Ripper murders

Netflix released the trailer of The Ripper, an investigative true-crime docuseries, which will be available to stream on the platform from December 16, 2020.

It revolves around the investigation carried out by the West Yorkshire Police in search for Peter William Sutcliffe, an English serial killer who was dubbed the Yorkshire Ripper (an allusion to Jack the Ripper) by the press.

The trailer of The Ripper starts with a bloodcurdling slashing sound, followed by strange whisperings. It appears to be an occult drama, but is soon revealed to be a documentary about “one of the most cunning killers they (the British police) have ever had to trace”.

A montage of all the women who died at the hands of the serial killer is displayed in quick succession. It is followed by accounts of witnesses and investigators who worked on the case, with the latter wondering if they could have done more at the time.

The eerie music and the real-life yesteryear footages add to the mystery and horror of the crimes that were perpetrated against women, for a period of five long years. 13 women had been killed in the North of England while the police seemed incapable of catching the killer.

With The Ripper, Netflix adds to its growing library of crime documentaries, following World’s Most Wanted, Conversations with a Killer: The Ted Bundy Tapes, and Unsolved Mysteries.

The netizens seem to have found humour, even in this chilling recreation of a police department’s ineffectual hunt for a serial killer, by pointing out that the trailer of the Netflix series released five days after the death of Sutcliffe. Adding to which, they said that whenever something happens in the world, the streaming giant has something to show for that.

Watch the hair-raising official trailer of The Ripper here:

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