Animated film on Japanese Superhero ‘Ultraman’ announced by Netflix

Netflix is in work with Tsuburaya Productions to develop ‘Ultraman’ CG animation feature film. This will be their second collaboration post the release of an animated series on the superhero.

The character is a popular Japanese fictional superhero, the first live-action hero launched by the Ultra series. The character made his first appearance about 55 years ago in the Japanese television series Ultraman, saving the planet by fighting monster Kaiju.

Despite the fact that the character influenced modern superheroes, including Power Rangers and Ant-Man, its popularity is quite limited. But it’s set to reach a worldwide audience through Netflix.

As announced by the platform, the plot will follow the character of Ken Sato, a baseball superstar who returns to his homeland Japan to pick up the mantle of earth’s defending superhero Ultraman, but finds more than he bargained for when he is forcibly made to raise the offspring of his greatest foe, a Kaiju.

Shannon Tindle, the onboard director for the feature, said in a statement: “Making this film is a dream come true. What began as an original story inspired by my love for Eiji Tsuburaya’s Ultraman somehow became an actual Ultraman film thanks to the incredible trust of the team at Tsuburaya Productions, and the support of the folks at Netflix Animation.” 

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