Netflix and Disney+ reveal streaming figures for 2020

Streaming giants Netflix and Disney have revealed their most-watched movies and web series of the year 2020 in a recent Nielsen panel at CES 2021.

The year 2020 had more downs than ups. However, for streaming giants, with traditional movie theatres closed, the responsibility of entertaining the audience was higher than ever before. 

Almost fifteen days into the New Year its time to make the big revelation. Netflix and Disney, reveal their most-watched shows and movies of the past year in a recent Nielsen panel during a talk on ‘Streaming TV Trends’.

The stats were released within the bracketed categories of popular shows, movies, and originals. 

Among top five within the original bracket, Ozark topped the list with 30.5 billion streaming minutes followed by Lucifer with 19 billion, The Crown with 16.3 billion, Tiger King with 15.6 billion, and Disney’s The Mandalorian with 14.5 billion streaming minutes. Clearly, Netflix topped in the league here.

Coming to movies, Disney ruled the game with 14.9 billion and 10.5 billion minutes of viewership for Frozen 2 and Moana respectively. The third most-watched film is Netflix’s Secret Life of Pets 2 with 9.1 billion minutes of streaming followed by Disney’s Onwards and Netflix’s The Grinch with 8.4 billion minutes and 6.2 billion streaming minutes respectively.

However, classics topped the list with 57.1 billion streaming minutes of The Office, 39.4 billion of The Grey’s Anatomy, 35.4 billion of Criminal Minds and 28.1 billion of NCIS. Emmy award-winning show Schitt’s Creek was streamed for 23.8 billion minutes last year.

Here’s the complete list of Top-15 watches of 2020: 

1. The Office (57.1 billion)

2. Grey’s Anatomy (39.4 billion)

3. Criminal Minds (35.4 billion)

4. Ozark (30.5 billion) 

5. NCIS (28.1 billion)

6. Schitt’s Creek (23.8 billion)

7. Supernatural (20.3 billion)

8. Lucifer (19 billion)

9. Shameless (18.2 billion)

10. The Crown (16.3 billion)

11. Tiger King (15.6 billion)

12. New Girl (14.5 billion)

13. The Mandalorian (14.5 billion)

14. The Blacklist (14.5 billion)

15. Vampire Diaries (14.1 billion)

Well, the figures don’t lie and the list seems quite entertaining. 

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