Netflix’s ‘A Classic Horror Story’ promises gore beyond belief

Netflix has unveiled the teaser for a new movie, ‘A Classic Horror Story’, set for a global launch on the platform from July 14. The Italian horror film directed by Roberto De Feo (The Nest) and Paolo Strippoli draws on the Italian horror films of 60s and 70s.

The narrative of ‘A Classic Horror Story’ revolves around five camper trailer dwellers who meet with an accident while travelling through a dense forest one night.

The teaser shows a strange wood-house in the middle of a clearing, while a children’s song reverberates through calm and sunny surroundings.

As darkness prevails, the setting dramatically changes; and a deer-head mounted on a wall is seen, while sudden spooky sounds drown the music hinting that a nightmare is about to begin.

Going by the brutality of the next scene, depicting something sharp being protruded in the eyes of a person trapped in a strange contraption, ‘A Classic Horror Story’ seems to guarantee twists and torture beyond classic horror genre proportions.

The chiller mostly shot in the Bari and Apulia regions of Italy and Rome has an ensemble cast including Matilda Lutz, Francesco Russo, Peppino Mazzotta, Yuliia Sobol, Will Merrick, Alida Baldari Calabria, and Cristina Donadio.

The screenplay of ‘A Classic Horror Story’ is written in collaboration by Roberto De Feo, Paolo Strippoli, Lucio Besana, David Bellini, and Milo Tissone.

The horror offering made under the banner of Colorado Film is produced by Iginio Straffi, Maurizio Totti and Alessandro Usai.
Netflix in a tweet informed that in ‘A Classic Horror Story’ equates to “Think the Italian ‘Midsommar’ meets ‘Texas Chain Saw Massacre’.”

Check out the teaser:

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