Neena Kulkarni to overcome fear of cameras in ‘Photo Prem’

Neena Kulkarni starrer Marathi film ‘Photo Prem’ is set to release on Amazon Prime Video on May 7, 2021. The movie outlines a housewife’s struggle to click a good picture that suits her identity.

Written and directed by Aditya G. Rathi and Gayatri Patil, ‘Photo-Prem’ revolves around a woman called Maee, who realises that she doesn’t have a good picture to be put after her. Worried about being forgotten, she decides to click one that defines her.

Will she be able to overcome her fear of the camera? Will the picture be worth remembering her?

Addressing the film, Kulkarni expressed her happiness about its digital premier. She also added in the statement that “Photo Prem has a nuanced and thoughtful storyline” and that it was “a privilege to play a lead in this film”.

Produced by Mehul Shah, Aditya Rathi and Gayatri Patil under the banner Everest Entertainment, the Marathi drama also stars Amita Khopkar, Vikas Hande, Chaitrali Rode, Sameer Dharamadhikari, Samay Sanjeev Tambe and Ashwini Mukadam.

Catch the official trailer:

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