Narcos Mexico season 2 teaser: Félix is in danger

Netflix has released a new teaser for the second season of their popular show Narcos: Mexico.

The teaser titled “Party’s Over” hints at the upcoming danger in Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo’s life and business as he is surrounded by “backstabbers” sitting on the same table as him.

The show stars Diego Luna in the lead as Mexican drug lord Félix. However, the second season will also star Scoot McNairy as DEA agent Walt Breslin that is keeping a check on Félix’s actions.

Netflix described the new season’s challenges as:

“Félix must cope with the U.S. and the consequences of his actions against the DEA while facing discontent within his organization.”

The first season of the show focused on the chase between DEA agent Kiki Camarena (Michael Pena) and Félix (Luna), which ends with Pena’s character dying in the final episode.

While McNairy played narrator for the most part of the first season, he also narrates the new teaser as the audiences get a glimpse of him listening in to secret conversations.

Narcos: Mexico is part of the Narcos series on Netflix.

The show is all set to premiere a day before Valentines Day on February 13, 2020. You can catch the new teaser here:

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