Nakaab on MX Player: Release date, cast and trailer

The trailer for the MX Player exclusive ‘Nakaab’ was released recently. The investigative thriller stars Mallika Sherawat and Esha Gupta. The series will premiere on 15 September.

‘Nakaab’ focuses on a high-profile death case and the subsequent investigation which begins to unravel the dark and seedy underworld of Mumbai and shine a light on the people involved with it.

The trailer starts off with the death of prominent television actress Vibha Dutta (Ankita Chakraborty) and the focus shifts onto sub-inspector Aditi Amre (Esha Gupta) as she dives deep into this particular case.

One of the possible suspects is shown to be the highly influential producer Zohra Mehra (Mallika Sherawat), who was supposedly close to the deceased. Zohra lives a very lavish lifestyle and comes off as someone with a lot of skeletons in her closet.

Speaking about Nakaab, Sherawat stated: “This series investigates the hidden nuances of a glamorous industry. I play Zohra who is an inspiring single woman at the apex of the media industry, but her character is mysterious.”

Gupta added: “What pulled me towards playing this character is that it has immense depth. Investigative dramas or thrillers have been a personal favourite for me, and I found the backdrop of this story really interesting.”

The series also stars Gautam Rode as senior inspector Pawan Bisht, and is directed by Soumik Sen.

Here is the full trailer of ‘Nakaab’:

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