My Hero Academia: Two Heroes and Heroes Rising coming to Netflix India

Netflix India will stream two My Hero Academia Movies; ‘Two Heroes’ and ‘Hero Rising’, from May 15.

Both films have been animated by Studio Bones and the music has been provided by Yuki Hayashi.

The official description by Netflix for Two Heroes reads:

“With Deku, All Might visits an old friend on the technologically advanced I-Island, when a gang of villains takes the whole city hostage.”

Anime is becoming increasingly popular in India with popular films getting theatrical releases. My Hero Academia: Two Heroes was also released in the country on February 12. The film originally released in 2018 in Japan.

‘My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising’ came out in 2019 and takes place at a later point in the anime timeline.

It has some parts which author Kohei Horikoshi originally planned to use in the finale of the manga.

The official description by the platform for Heroes Rising reads:

“While putting their hero skills to use on the peaceful island of Nabu, the Class 1-A kids face a sudden attack from a formidable villain known as Nine.”

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