Mr. Family Man: Praveen Kumar’s stand-up special on Prime Video

Comedian Praveen Kumar’s stand-up special, Mr. Family Man, is to be released on Amazon Prime Video on May 8.

Kumar believes it is easy to be a superhero, but extremely difficult to be a family man. While superheroes come to save the day once in a while, a family man has to do the same every day. A family man is no less than a superhero.

This stand-up special is appropriate for all age groups. It is based on Kumar’s personal experiences and observes the life of common South Indian people. He finds humour in the everyday activities of people, which makes it easy for his audience to relate. 

On the subject of his latest stand-up special, Kuamr stated:

The entire show revolves around me, my wife and my daughter. It’s about the daily struggles that anyone can relate to.

Kumar’s stand-up special is in Tamil. He has performed Mr. Family Man in various cities and it was well-received by the audience as it is a comedy show that people can enjoy with their families.

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