‘Moonrise’ anime to release on Netflix in 2024

Netflix has announced that the sci-fi anime series ‘Moonrise’ will stream on the platform in 2024. Wit Studio, which collaborated with the streaming service for the 2022 film ‘Bubble’, has produced the anime.

The first teaser shows a futuristic world with high-stake battles.

The official synopsis of ‘Moonrise’ reads:

“The year is 2XXX. Humanity has established a lenient world government, and everything, including people’s lives, is entrusted to the international AI network Sapientia and its logical decisions.

“However, the Lunar Development Projectbacked by Sapientia has created a rift between Earth, which continues to send garbage and criminals to the moon to maintain its own peace, and the moon, where people are forced to live in poverty, leading to rumblings of a war of independence.

“One day, the protagonist, Jack, is caught in a terrorist bombing and loses his family to the moon rebels in one of their plots for independence. Vowing revenge, Jack decides to become an Earth army scout and head to the moon with his comrades.”

The story has been created by Tou Ubukata and Hiromu Arakawa is responsible for the characters.

Masashi Koizuka directed the anime, and the character designs are by Ayumi Yamada. Ryo Kawasaki provided the music.

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