Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

In Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area, a band of variedly talented rebels, led by a genius mastermind, join hands to conduct a heist that may change the world forever.

Release date

Money Heist: Korea- Joint Economic Area will release on Netflix on June 24, 2022.

Cast and creators

  • Lee Si-Woo
  • Yunjin Kim
  • Jeon Jong-seo
  • Park Hae-soo
  • Anzu Lawson
  • Yoo Ji-Tae
  • Park Myeong-hoon

Created by Álex Pina

Directed by Hong-sun Kim


“A genius strategist and people with different personalities and abilities fight against an extraordinary variable and engage in an unprecedented hostage play.”

Other details

The characters will have the names as in the Spanish version and there will be 12 episodes in total in the first season.


When the two Koreas united to form the Joint Economic Area, it only led to more chaos as the disparity and inequality only rose. A band of disillusioned individuals, led by a genius strategist mastermind, come together to conduct a heist at a scale never seen before that may change things once and for all.

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