Money Heist: Berlin: Everything we know so far

The Money Heist franchise has been one of the most popular ones on the streamer ever. Three of its five parts are in the top 10 Netflix list for non-English TV shows.

The original series revolved around a group of distinct individuals who banded together to execute the most ambitious heists ever attempted.

To avoid complications, they weren’t allowed to reveal their real names, and instead were assigned the names of famous cities across the world; Rio, Tokyo, Berlin, and so on.

Out of the various well-received characters in the series, one of the most beloved has always been Berlin, played by Pedro Alonso, who was killed at the end of the heist.

Even after the character’s death, the creators kept bringing him back through flashbacks, especially the sequences between him and his half-brother Sergio Marquita aka The Professor.

While the main series ended with Part 5 last year, a prequel titled Money Heist: Berlin is under development that follows Berlin years before season 1, where he embarked on the heist with his brother and the team. 

What the creator said

Alex Pina, the creator of Money Heist, returns for the prequel series. In an interview during the Tudum fan event, he said: “It’s a trip through the golden age of the character, when he robbed around Europe crazy in love.”

He added that Berlin was robbing with an old gang back then and he just did it out of hedonism and pleasure.

Pina told Alonso: “That’s the most surprising, the comedy. You’re going to make people laugh a lot.”

Is there a teaser?

The streamer released an announcement clip for the series that shows Berlin planning his heists. As he places the pawns, he is shown to be fixated on one particular piece.

When will Money Heist: Berlin release?

There is no specific release date for the show, however, the announcement states that it will come out sometime in the month of December 2023.

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