Mira Nair adapts New York Times’ story ‘The Jungle Prince of Delhi’ for Prime Video

Coveted Indian filmmaker Mira Nair to come up with a new Amazon Prime Video original series based on New York Times’ acclaimed article, ‘The Jungle Prince Of Delhi’. The series will be directed by Nair herself, and produced jointly, by Nair and Sister Pictures, the producers of Chernobyl, amongst others.

Released in 2019, The New York Times’ ‘The Jungle Prince Of Delhi’, is an intriguing expose on the fake descendants of the Royal Family of Awadh. Written by Ellen Barry, the article uncovered the myth about three individuals claiming to be the last standing heir of Awadhi royal lineage – Begum Wilayat, her son Prince Cyrus and her daughter Princess Sakina. 

After 40 long years of continuing their lies, Barry finally unearthed their real identities in his 2020 Pulitzer Prize-finalist article. Barry has also shared the news of his story adaptation on Twitter. 

Mira Nair is an acclaimed filmmaker, known for her works like Monsoon Wedding, Salaam Bombay! and The Namesake. The cast of her most recent project, the adaptation of Vikram Seth’s ‘The Suitable Boy’ for BBC, was finalized last year and is awaiting release. 

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