Minnal Murali trends at number 4 on Netflix

‘Minnal Murali’, the Malayalam language superhero movie, is trending at 4 on Netflix’s global film (non-English) chart. The film has also made it in the top 10 charts in 11 countries of which it tops the chart in 4.

The ‘out and out entaertainer’, premiered on 24th December on Netflix and within 5 days it started trending at number 4 on Netflix’s global film (non-english) chart. This superhero film has also entered the Top 10 in Films chart in 11 countries on Netflix, including #1 in four countries.

Directed by Basil Joseph, ‘Minnal Murali’ stars Tovino Thomas as a tailor who gets superpowers after being hit by lightning and Guru Somasundaram as the antagonist. The trending film has also been called ‘the homegrown desi-superhero film India needed’.  

Check out the official trailer:

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