Mind Your Manners: Release date, cast, synopsis, trailer & more

The new series Mind Your Manners, highlights proper etiquette as its central theme as students learn how to conduct themselves in a proper manner.

Release date

Mind Your Manners is the new Netflix show which premieres on November 16.


  • Sara Jane Ho


“Have you ever wondered how to elegantly cut… a banana? Mind Your Manners follows world-renowned etiquette teacher Sara Jane Ho as she helps her students become their best selves and put others at ease, using the language of manners and etiquette. Get ready to laugh, cry, and learn a thing or two as Sara transforms her students’ lives and helps them acquire the confidence to shine in any situation – starting with a sensible spot of afternoon tea. Pinkies in or out?”

Other details

‘Mind Your Manners’ is one of the latest self-reflective shows of Netflix in its increasing list of “unscripted” series.


Sara Jane Ho, a well-known etiquette coach, trains individuals with the best manners, giving them the self-assurance to succeed in any circumstance. Her students are very impressed and inspired by their teacher’s mannerisms.

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